How to Convert OLM to EML Files on Mac?

Overview: Looking for a query to export Mac OLM to EML files and still didn’t get any solution yet? Don’t worry! In this guide, we will show you complete steps to convert OLM to EML file. Also, will explain the benefits of converting OLM emails to EML file format. So, just stay tuned and read this article till the end to know more!

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We all know that OLM file is only supported by Mac Outlook and EML(Electronic Mail) is a universal file format that is supported by many applications. So, that’s why users may need to convert OLM to PST file format to access OLM emails in Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Entourage, and many others. Cause whatever, you will get an instant approach to export OLM to EML file.

Benefits to Convert OLM to EML Files

Mac Outlook data is stored in the OLM format, which can only be opened with Mac Outlook. If you wish to view an OLM file in any other OS or application, it needs to be converted to the other file format. And, no file format could be better than EML format, which is compatible with numerous email clients.

The OLM file contains all your data, so if it becomes corrupted or damaged, you will lose all your information. On the other hand, EML files store only individual emails, so if one EML file gets corrupted, the rest of your emails will remain unaffected.

Opening OLM files requires purchasing a Mac Outlook subscription, whereas EML files can be accessed using any free email service like Thunderbird.

Also, the EML file format is the simplest way to share a single email file.

Methods to Export Mac OLM Emails to EML File Format

Converting OLM to EML allows you to transfer your emails from Outlook for Mac to other platforms that support EML files. For this reason, Users need to convert OLM to VCF file.

Fortunately, there are two easy methods to export  OLM file to EML which we will mention below;

How to Convert OLM to EML Manually?

Follow these steps to export OLM email to EML format using the Thunderbird email client for Mac:

Launch the Thunderbird email client on your Mac Machine.

Go to the Tools menu and select the Import option.

Choose the ‘Import From Outlook’ option.

Select the Mail Message option and click the Continue button.

Click on the Start Import button to initiate the conversion process.

By following these steps, you will successfully connect your Mac Outlook to Thunderbird. Next, simply drag and drop the emails from Thunderbird for Mac onto your Mac desktop screen to convert them into the EML format.

In this process, we used the free Thunderbird email client to convert OLM to EML format.

Manual methods are generally easy and simple. However, they do have some drawbacks, which are mentioned below:

Drawbacks of the Manual Method

  • This manual method is suitable only for handling a limited number of emails.
  • The process of converting OLM to EML manually is time-consuming and lengthy.
  • Bulk conversion of OLM to EML is not feasible using manual methods.
  • Users need to repeat the process for each individual OLM email in its mailbox.

If you have a large amount of OLM files, it is recommended to choose the expert solution provided below.

Quick and Reliable Way to Export OLM Mailbox to EML File

With the help of the Mac OLM Converter, users can batch-convert OLM files into EML file format at once. The software performs the conversion with 100% accuracy and gives desired results. Moreover, the utility is programmed with an interface that can be effortlessly used by all technical and non-technical users. It is a complete solution to export emails from Mac OLM to EML format.

The best thing about this advanced conversion application is that it also allows users to convert OLM to PST, MBOX, PDF, DOC, HTML, CSV, VCF, and many other file formats with a single approach. With its powerful options, users can also export OLM emails on the basis of the selective date range.

Working Steps of Automated Tool to Convert OLM to EML in Bulk

Step 1. Download and launch the Mac OLM to EML Converter Tool on your Mac OS.

Step 2. Now, click on the Add OLM files or Add Folders to browse and upload into the software panel. Then, click on the Next button.

convert olm to eml

Step 3. After that, the tool will scan the selected OLM files and list them on your screen. Choose the required email folders that you wish to convert into an EML file.

convert olm emails to eml

Step 4. Then, select EML as a saving option from the drop-down list.

export olm to eml

Step 5. Thereafter, choose the desired destination path to save the resultant data file.

convert olm emails to eml

Step 6. Once you are done with the above steps, click on the Export button to start exporting OLM emails to EML file format.

convert olm to eml

Done!! You can see that the entire task has been finished in a few seconds. So, it is a reliable tool for any OLM-related conversion process.

Remarkable Features of Mac OLM to EML Converter Tool

This Tool is a reliable solution that enables the precise conversion of OLM files to EML on Mac operating systems.

The application offers a range of beneficial features for seamless OLM to EML conversion. Some notable options provided by the tool include:

  • Batch Conversion of OLM Files: Users can conveniently convert multiple OLM files to EML format simultaneously using the batch conversion feature. By utilizing the ‘Add Folder’ button, which allows the addition of an unlimited number of OLM files, users can convert all the files into EML format at once.
  • Multiple File Formats: With this tool, users can easily export OLM emails into 30+ different file-saving options. Such as that, you can convert OLM to VCF, CSV, DOC, HTML, MHT, MBOX, MSG, ICS, and many other file formats with so much ease.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The OLM to Text application features a user-friendly interface and operates through three simple steps. Whether professional or non-professional users, anyone can easily navigate the utility and convert OLM files to TXT format within seconds, without encountering any difficulties.
  • Export OLM to Cloud Emails: Also, this application allows users to upload OLM files into various cloud-based email services as you can import OLM to Office 365, Yahoo Mail,, Exchange Online, Yandex Mail, Rackspace, Zoho Mail, AWS Workmail, Gmail, Roundcube, etc.
  • Compatibility with Mac OS: The OLM to EML converter for Mac is available for download for every Mac Operating system. It means that you can install this program on any of the latest and previous Mac OS.

Final Words

This blog has discussed the two easy methods to convert OLM files into OLM format. Both manual and professional solutions are explained thoroughly. But, manual ways are always suitable for limited data. So, if you have a large number of OLM files, then Mac OLM to EML Converter Tool is the most recommended approach for this conversion process. Also, the tool offers amazing and advanced features that make it easy to convert OLM to EML files.