How to Convert OLM to ICS (iCalendar) on Mac?

Do you have important calendar events stored in your Mac OLM file and you want to make it into ICS (Calendar) file? Then, you have come to the right place. We are going to discuss various solutions to convert OLM to ICS file format.

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Mac Outlook is an email client application that is widely used by Mac users as a replacement for Windows Outlook. Besides sending and receiving emails, it has many features like contacts and calendars, etc. And all these features are stored in OLM file.

OLM is an open, proprietary file format that stores copies of Mac Outlook data items on the computer as a backup file. Also, OLM can only be opened in Mac Outlook. If users need to open another system or device, this is not possible. ICS, on the other hand, is a universal calendar file format and is also supported by many email clients like MS Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple Mail, iPhone, etc.

Now, firstly, we will read some user queries, and after that will move on to 2 efficient approaches to export OLM to ICS in Mac OS.

Reasons to Convert OLM to ICS (iCalendar)

We have taken some relevant user queries to make you understand the needs of the different users to export OLM calendar to ICS file format;

I currently work as an event planner and rely on Mac Outlook to organize my meetings and events. However, because I frequently travel, it’s challenging for me to access my Mac Outlook. Consequently, I am interested in finding a solution to convert OLM calendar data into .ics file format. Can you suggest the most effective method?

I have an urgent requirement to access my Mac OLM calendar using other applications. As, OLM data file is not compatible with any other application, making it impossible to open. Therefore, I need to convert OLM to ICS format so that I can use the calendar data in other applications as well. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could suggest the most appropriate method to export Mac OLM file to ICS format. Thank you in advance.

Now, let’s proceed to the solutions.

Methods to Convert OLM to ICS File Format

There are two different ways to save OLM calendar in ICS format. One is manual and another is the professional Solution. Go through each method and choose the one that suits best your needs and requirements.

Method 1. Manual Approach to Export Mac OLM to ICS Calendar File

Mac Outlook itself provides an in-built option to export OLM to ICS format. So, let’s proceed with some manual steps to convert OLM calendar to ICS file format.

Note: If you are a Windows OS user then you may not use this solution as it can be only done in Mac OS.

Step 1. Open the Mac Outlook application on your system. Then, go to the Tool option in the menu bar and choose the Export option from it.

Step 2. Now, in export wizard provides various options, choose Outlook for Mac Data File (.olm) option and also choose the items types such as Calendar and then click on the right arrow.

Step 3. Then, give a name to your file and also choose a location to save OLM calendar data on your system. After that, click on the Save button.

The conversion from OLM to ICS file format is now complete. However, when attempting the manual conversion process, you may encounter certain challenges that are explained below.

Why Shouldn’t You Rely on Manual Solution?

  • The necessity to have a Mac Outlook application on your system to carry out the task.
  • Technical expertise is required to perform the manual method accurately; otherwise, it could result in severe data loss.
  • No folder selection feature to export specific OLM calendar files.

So, exporting OLM calendar to ICS using manual techniques can come with these limitations. In order to overcome these drawbacks, we will discuss an automated tool in the next segment. Stay tuned to get this remarkable tool that will make your conversion process hassle-free.

Method 2. Automated Approach to Convert OLM Calendar to ICS File

If you prefer smart techniques over manual approaches, you should choose Mac OLM Converter. This application will let you convert OLM to ICS file in a few simple steps. Also, it allows users to upload single or multiple OLM files at a time. Using this approach, you can easily convert OLM to PST, EML, PDF, MSG, DOC, CSV, ICS, MBOX, and many other file formats with so much ease.

Also, it offers a Date range feature to export selective OLM calendar items to ICS files. It is a simple solution and supports trouble-free steps to convert calendar data to ICS file format. If you have orphan OLM files then it also convert into ICS without any issues.

Let’s know the working procedure of this amazing application. Below are the steps to convert Mac OLM to ICS file format.

Step-by-Step Guide to Export OLM to ICS File

Step 1. Launch OLM to ICS Converter on your Mac system.

Step 2. Then, click on the Add Files or Add Folders option to upload a Mac OLM file into the software panel.

export olm calendar to ics

Step 3. Thereafter, choose the required folders from the given list of OLM mailboxes. Then, press the Next button.

convert olm to ics

Step 4. After that, select ICS as a saving option from available file formats.

convert olm calendar to ics

Step 5. Now, click on the Browse button to choose the location to save the converted OLM calendar file into your system.

convert olm to ics

Step 6. Finally, tap on the Export tab to start exporting OLM calendar to ICS file format.

export olm calendar to ics

Done!! The OLM to ICS conversion process has been converted successfully.

Additional Features of OLM to ICS Converter for Mac

  • The software offers a range of advanced filter options, making it convenient to convert OLM to ICS based on criteria such as date range to choose selective calendar items.
  • With this tool, you can also import OLM to Gmail,, Yahoo Mail, Zoho Mail, Office 365, Exchange Server, etc.
  • The tool provides two options: “Add Files” or “Add Folders,” allowing users to easily insert multiple OLM files into the software window for conversion.
  • This application enables the conversion of OLM emails, contacts, and calendars to ICS, preserving all embedded information.
  • During the conversion process, OLM to ICS Converter maintains the original folder hierarchy. Additionally, it creates separate columns for key OLM file items, including Date, Subject, Body, From, To, Cc, Attachments, and Attachments path.
  • Users have the flexibility to designate a preferred destination path to store converted ICS files. Alternatively, if no specific destination folder is chosen, the software automatically selects the desktop as the default destination path.
  • To keep users informed, the tool generates a log report file containing information such as Start Date, Saving Type, Source Location, Destination Path, Items Converted, Conversion Status, and more.

Concluding Words

Above, we have discussed two different methods to convert OLM to ICS files. However, the manual method comes with some drawbacks that you need to read before using this solution. Also, to overcome these issues, you can easily choose a professional solution to export OLM calendar to ICS file format in a few simple steps.