How to Convert OLM to PDF on Mac?

The email client Outlook for Mac is highly popular among Apple users. Nevertheless, there are instances when users might find the need to transfer their data file to a different email client or safeguard their data through backup measures. In such cases, PDF (Portable Document File) is considered the ideal file format to access data files anywhere and anytime. It offers more security and an easy way to share crucial data across the platform. So, this article will guide you on how to convert OLM to PDF on Mac, including the two best solutions with a step-by-step process.

The PDF files are easy to carry and more secure and reliable file format. Whereas, OLM files are not portable and you can’t access them without Mac Outlook. Hence, to access your OLM files, you just need to convert them into a portable file format.

To do so, try Mac OLM Converter which is the ideal approach to exporting OLM files to PDF with attachments. Also, you can convert OLM to PDF with attachments in just a few simple steps.
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Why Do Users Need to Convert PST to PDF?

Here, we have explained the reasons that insist users perform PST to PDF conversion;

Dependency on Mac Outlook: Working with OLM file requires having Mac Outlook installed. Without it, it is not possible to access or manage the contents of the OLM file.

Enhanced security and reliability: PDF files offer improved security features and are considered more reliable compared to OLM files. By converting OLM to PDF, users can better protect their email data from unauthorized access.

Universal accessibility: PDF files can be accessed from any device or platform with a PDF reader. On the other hand, OLM files are specific to Mac Outlook and can only be opened on devices with it.

Password protection: PDF files can be encrypted and password protected, which provides an additional layer of security for crucial email data.

Methods to Export Mac OLM File to Adobe PDF

Can I convert OLM to PDF? It is the common query asked by Mac Outlook users to print OLM emails to PDF file. Here, we will discuss the two easy ways to convert OLM files to PDF with attachments. We will explore both manual and automated ways to export OLM to PDF.

Thus, without any delay, let’s know the way to Convert OLM file to PDF format.

How to Print OLM File to PDF Manually?

To do it manually, we will use Mac Outlook application to first import OLM files into it and then export OLM data file into PDF file format.

To save only individual OLM emails as PDF documents in Outlook for Mac, you can use the ‘Print’ feature. This method is more suitable for users familiar with the OLM file location in Mac Outlook and does not convert email attachments.

First of all import OLM files into Mac Outlook using the Import feature.

Then, follow these manual steps to convert OLM emails to PDF;

Step 1. Open Outlook on your Mac system.

Step 2. Select the email message you wish to convert, which will open a new reading window.

Step 3. Click on ‘File’ and then choose ‘Print’ from the options.

Step 4. In, the print tab, click on the drop-down arrow and select ‘Save as PDF.’

Step 5. Provide a desired name for the file and choose a destination to save it.

The selected OLM emails will be successfully saved as a PDF file.

Now, repeat the same steps again and again for the remaining OLM email files.

Limitations of the Manual Approach

  • Suitable only if you have a few emails in the OLM file.
  • Time-consuming and lengthy procedure as it involves multiple steps.
  • No option to export attachments separately.

How to Batch Export OLM to PDF File Format? – Professional Approach

To perform a sure-shot and hassle-free OLM to PDF Conversion process, use Mac OLM Converter. It is an expert-recommended approach to easily export OLM to PDF file format in just 5 simple steps. It will hardly take a few minutes to move all your OLM data file to PDF format. Also, it offers users to convert OLM to ICS, CSV, EML, PDF, MSG, PST, DOC, MBOX, and many other popular file formats with this single tool only.

Moreover, it is easy to use and provides a self-explanatory feature that can be used by all technical and non-technical users. It is a perfect solution that allows users to convert Outlook for Mac OLM to PDF format including all mailboxes (inbox, outbox, junk), etc. Also, it offers many advantages that make this file-conversion process simple and easy.

You can also Download its FREE Trial Version that allows users to export 25 files to each OLM mailbox folder. It is an effective way to check its efficiency easily.


Working Procedure to Save Mac Outlook OLM Emails as PDF File Format

Follow the given below steps to save OLM emails in PDF format on Mac;

Step 1. Firstly, install and run the tool on any Mac system.

Step 2. Then, click on the Add Files(s) or Add Folder(s) option to upload the OLM data file into the software panel and click on the Next button.

export olm to pdf

Step 3. After that, the tool will give a preview of OLM mailbox folders, choose the required ones and tap on the Next button.

convert olm file to pdf

Step 4. Here, you need to choose PDF as a saving option from the drop-down list.

batch print olm to pdf

Step 5. Now, select the required destination path and file-naming option.

convert olm to pdf

Step 6. Also, you use the “Date Range” feature to export OLM emails of selective dates.

convert olm file to pdf

Step 7. Finally, tap on the Export button to start exporting OLM emails to PDF.

print olm files to pdf

Done!! Within a few seconds, all your selected OLM files will get saved in PDF format with attachments.

Advantages of Using Mac OLM to PDF Converter Tool

  • This solution offers multiple features for enhanced functionality. It provides a convenient way to save multiple OLM files to PDF simultaneously with just one click.
  • With this solution, you can export OLM emails to PDF along with their attachments.
  • It supports exporting OLM files to various formats and email services, such as that you can convert OLM to PST, MSG, MBOX, EML, DOC, and more than 30 other options.
  • The utility allows you to save multiple or even unlimited numbers of OLM mailboxes to PDFs on different Mac machines.
  • You can also use this program to import OLM to Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Zoho Mail, Yandex Mail,, Roundcube, etc.
  • Furthermore, this utility ensures the preservation of the entire folder structure and original formatting when converting OLM to PDF on a Mac computer.


In this above write-up, we have explained two easy and simple solutions to convert OLM to PDF files along with attachments. You can choose any of these two methods as per your needs and convenience to quickly save all emails in PDF format while maintaining the original formatting of Mac OLM emails. Also, you can try the demo version of this program for a better understanding of its working steps.