How to Import OLM to Gmail from Mac?

Nowadays, Web-based email services like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Office 365 are in trend and more users are looking to migrate their email data into it. One of the most asked queries is “How do import OLM file into Gmail?”. So, we are here today to provide you with some easy and simple solutions to migrate OLM to Gmail so you can access all your important OLM emails and contacts without the need for a Mac Outlook application.

Let’s look at some of the queries on how to import OLM to Gmail that were asked by various users on online forums;

I need to move data from OLM file to Gmail actually. Actually, I am switching my email client from Mac Outlook to another one. I tried manually importing OLM files into my Gmail account but I was fed up with losing my important emails. Can anyone help me in this regard to export OLM files to Gmail directly? Suggestions would be appreciated.

I have a large number of OLM emails with attachments and I need to forward them now and delete them after uploading the email messages to my personal Gmail account. Can someone tell me a software that can complete the whole process in some less time?

If any of the scenarios mentioned above match your requirements to import OLM files to Gmail account, no worries!!

There can be thousands of scenarios for how to import OLM to Gmail account as many users are in need to find a solution for this query. But, before let’s know some benefits of Gmail to make this import process easy and convenient.

Why Import OLM File to Gmail?

We know that Outlook for Mac exports all its mailbox items such as emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, etc in an OLM file and you can access it with its compatible application only.

There can be several reasons users may need to access Mac OLM emails in Gmail account. Here are a few of them explained below;

Gmail has the following advantages its users are exporting OLM emails into it.

  • Versatile cloud-based Email service
  • Access, Anywhere and Anytime
  • Independent email service
  • Multi-Device Accessibility
  • Efficient Space Management
  • Enhanced Data Security and Backup
  • Advanced Features for Spam Protection
  • Smoother Transition and Compatibility
  • Gmail’s Mobile Apps and Browser Access

Now, we will move on to check out some easy and simple solutions to open OLM emails in Gmail.

How to Export OLM Files to Gmail?

OLM files can be imported into Gmail without any issues using these 2 methods. Both methods help you to achieve the desired outcome. One is a manual approach and another one is using an automated solution which is easier to implement because it takes less time to finish the process. So, follow them carefully to get your desired results.

Manual Method to Import OLM to Gmail Account

This solution tends to take longer because of the numerous steps involved in manually exporting OLM emails to Gmail.

Step 1. Enable IMAP in Gmail Account

First, you will need Mac Outlook and an existing Gmail account. The only way to import OLM file into Gmail is to connect these two email client and email services.

  1. Open your web browser and login to your Gmail account.
  2. Once logged in, Click on the gear icon in the top-right corner of the Gmail interface and choose “See all settings”.
  3. In the Settings page, navigate to the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab.
  4. Now, by default, IMAP access may be disabled. To enable it, click on the radio button next to “Enable IMAP”.
  5. After selecting the “Enable IMAP” option, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the “Save Changes” button to save your new settings.

Once you have completed these steps, IMAP access will be enabled for your Gmail account.

Note: This step is important because it will allow you to configure and access your Gmail account in Mac Outlook.

Step 2. Configure Gmail Account with Mac Outlook

  1. Open Outlook for Mac and go to the File tab.
  2. From the dropdown menu, choose “Accounts” and then select the “Emails” option.
  3. Enter your Gmail account’s username and password in the provided fields.
  4. Once you have entered your credentials, click on the “Add Account” option to proceed.

After completing these steps, Outlook for Mac will start connecting Mac Outlook with your Gmail account.

Once the process is finished, you will receive a confirmation message that your Gmail account has been successfully added to Outlook for Mac.

Step 3. Import OLM File into Mac Outlook

  1. Launch the Outlook for Mac application on your Mac Machine.
  2. Navigate to the Tools tab in the menu bar and select “Import”.
  3. In the Import window, click on the option for “Outlook for Mac archive file (.olm)” and then click “Continue”.
  4. Now, select the OLM file that you want to import into Outlook for Mac.
  5. After that, you will find the data from the OLM file displayed in the left pane of the Mac Outlook.

Now, Drag and Drop this mailbox file to configured Gmail account mailbox folders.

Limitations of Manual Method

  • Although the manual method seems simple and easy it might not produce the desired results.
  • No direct option to instantly export OLM to Gmail.
  • It necessitates the usage of the Mac Outlook application in moving OLM files to Gmail.
  • Also, it’s a bit complicated process because it involves multiple different steps.

Professional Approach to Open OLM File in Gmail Account

To overcome the limitations of the Manual Method, Try Mac OLM Converter Tool as it is one of the best solutions to import OLM files to Gmail account. It easily upload multiple OLM files to Gmail in a single attempt. As this tool allows users to load OLM files using dual options. This application also enables users to convert OLM to PST, EML, PDF, MSG, DOC, HTML, MHT, CSV, ICS, and many other file formats as well.

This tool also works well to maintain the folder hierarchy of your OLM mailbox throughout the email migration process. It has a very simple user interface and can be easily installed on any of the Mac OS editions.

So, give a try to this handy application and analyze its FREE Trial Version to check its efficiency;

Working Steps to Upload OLM Mailbox to Gmail Account Directly

Step 1. First of all, launch and install it on your Mac Machine.

Step 2. Now, select OLM files with dual options; i.e., Add Files or Add Folders. Click on any of these to easily upload OLM files into the software panel and click on the Next button.

export OLM files to Gmail

Step 3. After this, you need to choose the required OLM file or folder from the list and click on the Next tab after that.

Move Data from OLM to Gmail

Step 4. Then, select Gmail as a saving option from the drop-down list.

export OLM files to Gmail

Step 5. Now, enter your Gmail account credentials such as email address and password in the respective field.

export OLM files to Gmail

Step 6. After this, click on the Export button to upload OLM files to Gmail account.

Move Data from OLM to Gmail

Done!! You can see that, in a few simple steps the whole process is complete.

Now, login to your Gmail account and see all of the imported OLM emails into it.

Extensive Features of OLM to Gmail Import Tool for Mac

Directly Upload OLM to Gmail: This software provides an efficient solution for both technical and non-technical users to import OLM files directly into Gmail. Users simply need to run the tool, select the OLM files, and provide their Gmail account credentials to complete the process.

Preserves Folder Structure: During the import process, this application ensures that the folder structure is maintained. This means that if a user selects a folder that contains multiple subfolders, the original structure will be preserved after uploading the OLM files to Gmail.

Multiple-File Formats: With this program, users can also export OLM file to different file-saving options such as that you can convert OLM to HTML, EML, MSG, PST, PDF, DOC, MHT, CSV, ICS, etc. Its flexible and multiple file formats enable users to save OLM files in any of the popular file formats.

Convenient File Selection: This tool offers a practical option to select OLM files from any location. Once the tool is launched, users can click on the “Add Files/Folders” button to browse through folders containing multiple sub-folders and OLM files.

Batch Mode Feature: The software is equipped with a batch mode feature, enabling users to upload unlimited OLM files or folders to Gmail at once, including their attachments. This time-saving option simplifies the process and eliminates the need for individual file selection.

Maintains OLM File Attachments: Users can migrate OLM messages to Gmail while retaining their attachments. The tool preserves the originality of the information and formatting, ensuring that all attachments are transferred accurately.

Transfer OLM Files to 30+ Webmails: For users who want to export OLM emails into various webmail email services, this software is also compatible to import OLM to Yahoo Mail, Office 365, Zoho Mail, Exchange Server, Yandex Mail, Roundcube, Rackspace, and many more.

Summing Up

In conclusion, importing OLM file to Gmail can be valuable for accessing Mac Outlook emails and contacts on the web-based email service. And, this process can be accomplished either manually or professionally. Whatever your chosen method, make sure that it’s error-free and delivers safe and secure results.